The Royal Crochet Newborn Baby Beanie Pattern

The Royal Crochet Baby BeanieAs I started designing The Royal Crochet Baby Beanie Pattern it was not my intention as to how it actually turned out! I was just going to design a normal baby beanie because I really wanted to see one in the double crochet ribbed stitch and that was that. But the beautiful thing about designing sometimes is that you really never know what you are going to end up with until you’ve made your last stitch and you get a really nice surprise like this at the end of it!

For Visual Learners crochet along with me in The Royal Crochet Newborn Baby Beanie Video Tutorial.

Stitches & Terms

This pattern is using U.S. stitches and terms. To convert to U.K. stitches go to my Crochet Stitch Conversion Chart.

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

PM = place marker

sts = stitches

rep = repeat

sp = space

dc = double crochet

ch-1 = 1 chain stitch you previously made

sk = skip (miss or pass over)

FPdc = front post double crochet

BPdc = back post double crochet

st = stitch

ch-2 = 2 chain stitches you previously made

hdc = half double crochet

hk = hook (crochet hook)

opp = opposite

rnd = round

Basic Crochet Stitches Video Tutorials

Materials Required

2 x 50gm balls of Lincraft Bamboozle Yarn (blue and white). This yarn can be purchased at Lincraft Australia.

(Substitute yarn – Medium worsted weight, 8 ply or DK bamboo/cotton yarn)

5.0mm crochet hook

4.0mm crochet hook

craft scissors

cotton thread

yarn needle

tapestry needle

2 x 7cm/3 inch strips of gold trim (you need to be able to sew into the sides of the trim so choose one that has little loops on the sides)

tape measure

stitch marker (or safety pin or a piece of yarn)

Skill Level

Advanced Easy

Baby Head Measurements

This pattern is written for the newborn size only BUT if you want larger sizes then at the end of rnd 7 don’t sl st at the end of that round and continue to increase the crown of the beanie to the measurements below then make the sl st and finish off the crown and continue on with rnd 8 for the sides. Also for larger sizes you will want the sides to be longer too so add a few more rounds after Rnd 14 then go onto the white edging. Below are approximate head measurements to help you out.

Newborn to 3 mths: 35cm/13.5 inches

3 mths to 6 mths: 40cm/15.5 inches

6 mths to 9 mths: 45cm/17.5 inches

9 mths to 12 mths: 48 cm/19 inches

12 mths to 15 mths: 50cm/19.5 inches

Written Instructions

Notes: Place marker into the 1st st of each round to keep a track of where you are. For the top of the beanie we will work in a continuous round which means there will be no joining at the end of each round. Be sure you have the correct amount of stitches at the end of each round because we need an even amount of stitches to work with for the sides of the beanie where we crochet the double crochet ribbed stitch.

Making the Crown (top of beanie in white yarn)

With white yarn and 5.0mm hook, ch 4, sl st into 1st ch to form a ring.

Rnd 1: 8 sc into ring, don’t join. (8 sts)

Rnd 2: 2 sc into each sc to the end. (16 sts)

Rnd 3: *1 sc into next sc, 2 sc into next sc, rep from * to the end. (24 sts)

Rnd 4: 1 sc into each sc to the end. (24 sts)

Rnd 5: Rep Rnd 3. (36 sts)

Rnd 6: Rep Rnd 4. (36 sts)

Rnd 7: *1 sc into each of next 2 sc, 2 sc into next sc, rep from * to the end, sl st into next st and finish off. Pull center yarn tail tight and weave it in with a yarn needle. (48 sts)

Making the Sides (with blue yarn)

With a sl st, join blue yarn into same st where last sl st made.

Rnd 8: (sc, ch 1) into same sp as sl st (this counts as 1st st), dc into each sc around, join into ch-1 with a sl st. (48 sts)

Rnds 9 – 14: ch 2 (counts as a st), sk 1st st (underneath the ch-2), *FPdc into next st, BPdc into next st, rep from * ending with a FPdc in last st, sl st into top of ch-2. (48 sts)

Finish off.

Making the Edging (with white yarn)

With a sl st, join white yarn into sp where you finished off.

Rnd 15: sl st into each of next 16 sts, sc in next st, hdc in next st, 1 dc into each of next 12 sts, hdc in next st, sc in next st, sl st into next 17 sts, the 17th sl st will be worked into same sp as the 1st sl st made.

Finish off.

Weave in yarn tails with a yarn needle. The white yarn tails at the back of the beanie are weaved in and around the back of the slip stitches on the inside of the beanie.

Making Corkscrew/Swirl (with blue yarn)

Using blue yarn and 4.0mm crochet hook, in one side of the crown of the beanie on the 1st round, join blue yarn through any st with a sl st and ch 10.

Row 1: 4 sc into 2nd ch from hk, 4 sc into each ch st along to the end, sl st into opp. side of crown on the 1st rnd into any st to attach corkscrew to beanie.

Finish off.

With yarn tail and yarn needle, sew the bottom layer of the corkscrew onto the 1st rnd of the crown.

Finish off.

Weave in any yarn tails.

Sewing on the Gold Trim

Cut your 2 gold pieces of trim to size so they fit into 2 of the grooves at the front of the beanie. Place the trims where you want them to go.

With tapestry needle and cotton thread sew the sides of the trim onto the beanie.

Finish off.

I hope you’ve enjoyed making this pattern.

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All the best,

Paula Daniele


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