Crochet Right Side and Wrong Side

We’ve all wondered at some point during our crocheting about which is the right side and the wrong side of our work. You will see in the video tutorial about how to quickly tell whether you are looking at the right or wrong side. For Visual Learners view the Crochet Right Side and Wrong Side […]

What Do Multiples Mean in Crochet?

I know when I first saw the word ‘multiples’ in a crochet book I said to myself, “WHAT?!” My first encounter with multiples was when I found a crochet book on my mother’s book shelf one day and it had all of this ‘stuff’ about multiples in it and it sent my eyes all wobbly! […]

How to Yarn Over in Crochet

How to Yarn Over in Crochet is very simple and is one of the actions you do the most. A ‘yarn over’ is also known as a ‘yarn over hook’. The abbreviations are: yarn over = yo yarn over hook = yoh They both mean exactly the same thing and in the How to Yarn […]

Decrease in Crochet Stitches

A decrease in crochet stitches can be seen written in crochet patterns like this, eg. dec 1 sc or whatever the stitch may be or it can be written like this, dec twice or however many times is required per the pattern. A decrease can also be known as crocheting 2 together, for example for […]

Parts of a Crochet Stitch

Knowing the parts of a crochet stitch are just as important as knowing your crochet tools. If you don’t know the parts then it’s like building a house and not knowing what to call the door or the window! Knowing all the parts of a stitch will help you with reading and carrying on through with […]

Spray Block Crochet Projects

Spray Blocking is used to get your crochet project to lay flat, get into shape and to take all the kinks and curls out of it. This method of blocking is used when your crochet project only needs a little bit of help to get into shape. In the diagrams below I am spray blocking my […]

Weave in Ends on Crochet Projects

To weave in ends on crochet projects there are a few different ways of doing it depending on whether you have crocheted your project in rows or rounds. I’ll show you how I weave in my ends for crochet projects worked in rows and in rounds. It isn’t as hard as some may think. You’ll […]

What is Gauge in Crochet?

In crochet, gauge is a US term which refers to the number of stitches and rows within a 10x10cm square of work. In the UK, gauge is referred to as ‘tension’. If the beginning of a pattern refers to gauge then it will be important to take note of it because you will need to […]

Crochet Turn – To Make a New Row

In the video tutorial below you will learn how to make a crochet turn so that you can start a new row. Turning your crochet work can be a confusing one seen as there are things to consider such as which way to turn it and where do you put your working end of the […]

Joining Yarn & Adding a New Color

In the video tutorial below you will learn how to join a new ball of yarn into a double crochet stitch at the end of a row. Instructions on Joining Yarn: When you are up to the last stitch at the end of a row; crochet the last double crochet stitch except for it’s last […]