Crochet Handkerchief Picot Edging Pattern

You will need 100 stitches (measuring 2mm apart from each other) on each side of the handkerchief to work this pattern into. Count the corner stitches into your count for every side so that you count 100 stitches on each side. You can buy handkerchiefs which are already prepared for crocheting an edge into otherwise, […]

Crochet Wine Bottle Cover Pattern

Okay, so if you are anything like my family then you will most commonly give a wine bottle as a gift at some time during the year. So, I’ve created a Crochet Wine Bottle Cover Pattern. Tip: Make your crochet wine bottle cover first and then buy a bottle of wine to fit into it. […]

Easy Crochet Bookmark Pattern

Instead of using an old scrappy piece of paper for a bookmark, crochet this Easy Crochet Bookmark Pattern and use it to mark your reading pages. Crochet bookmarks also make gorgeous little gifts and don’t take long to make. You can jazz them up with buttons, tassels and other cute things.   Materials Required 1 […]

Crocheted Coasters Round Pattern

If you are looking for a small and easy crochet project that looks fantastic then try this Crocheted Coasters Round Pattern. These crocheted coasters not only look splendid when they are finished but they take no time at all so you have a quick sense of achievement. Make as many as you need. Use any […]

Crochet Christmas Hat Pattern

Why not make the kids some fun Crochet Christmas Hats this year? This is a cheery little hat that will make the kids smile. Materials Required 1 ball of Red Heart Holiday Yarn, Color: Red & Silver Metallic 1 ball of Red Heart Holiday Yarn, Color: Green & Silver Metallic 1 ball of Red Heart Holiday Yarn, Color: White […]