Crochet Shoulder Bag Pattern

Crochet Shoulder Bag

This Crochet Shoulder Bag Pattern was designed for my sister-in-law because she wanted a bag to throw over her shoulder to have both hands free and at the same time store her goodies for when she goes on school excursions with the kids. The main stitch used is the U.S. Double Crochet or the U.K. […]

Crochet Bag Handle Pattern

How to Crochet a Bag Handle

You will find below a Crochet Bag Handle Pattern that I created for a shoulder bag I am making currently. I’ve also included a How to Crochet a Bag Handle video tutorial so you can see how it is done. Stitches & Terms This pattern is using U.S. stitches and terms. To convert to stitches go […]

Crochet Book Bag Pattern

Crochet Book Bag

Here is a sturdy little Crochet Book Bag Pattern to make for the kids or for yourself if you are a library-goer. I’ve used Double Crochet as the main stitch for the bag and Half Double Crochet for the strap. I’ve taken two different colored skeins/balls of yarn and crocheted them together to get the […]