How to Make Tassels

How to Make Tassels

Tassels are a quick and fun way to enhance your crocheted projects so I am going to show you How to Make Tassels.

Or you could try your hand at my Crochet Chain Tassels Pattern just for something different!

You can put tassels on the end of your crocheted scarf, the edges of your pillows, the border of your blankets or on the ends of belts. The use of tassels are limitless.

So, to start what you need is some yarn and a crochet hook.

How to Make Tassels:

Step 1. Cut 5 pieces of yarn measuring 40cm each; these 5 pieces of yarn makes one tassel.

Make as many tassels as you need for the crocheted project that you want to attach them to.

Remember that you can change the amount of strands of yarn depending on what effect you are going for; you don’t have to use 5 yarn strands just because I say so. 🙂

It’s really up to you and the size of your project.

Step 2. Hold the 5 pieces of cut yarn together and fold them in half.

How to Make Tassels: Step 3Step 3. Insert a large crochet hook into a loop in your crocheted project where you want the tassel to go.

Make sure that the crochet hook is not TOO large as it will stretch your work.

Use a crochet hook that is just big enough to grab onto the yarn strands that you will be pulling through the loop.

Take a look at the picture to your left and you will see what I mean.

How to Make Tassels: Step 4Step 4. Once you have folded your yarn in half you will need to latch onto the middle of the 5 pieces of the yarn with your hook.

This is so you can easily pull the yarn through the work without having to damage it in anyway.

You will see from the picture to your left that I am hooking onto the middle part of the yarn.

Be sure to keep the yarn strands at the same length.


How to Make Tassels: Step 5Step 5. Pull the yarn only half way through the loop in your crocheted project.

For obvious reasons, if you keep on pulling the yarn then it will come out the other side! We don’t want this.

We only need it to come through the loop half way so that we can complete the next step. After you have done this you can put the crochet hook aside as you won’t be needing it for the following step.


How to Make Tassels: Step 6Step 6. Get hold of the yarn thread ends and pull them through the loop that you just pulled through the crocheted project.

Make sure that the lengths of the yarn threads stay the same and gently continue to pull them through until they make a knot.

Push your thumb against the top of the tassel to make the knot neat and firm. And there, you have one tassel! Trim the end threads so they are perfectly even.

Attach as many tassels that you need evenly across the crocheted project.

This is the easiest way I know of how to make tassels so you are ready now to go make your crocheted projects just that little bit more fancy!

Feel free to share a photo of your crochet projects on the Crochet Hooks You Facebook Page.

All the best,

Paula Daniele


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