How to Grip a Crochet Hook – Pencil & Knife Methods

In this video tutorial you will learn how to grip a crochet hook.

There are two methods to gripping your crochet hook.

The first method is the pencil method and you grip the crochet hook as you would if you were holding a pencil and crochet this way.

How to Grip a Crochet HookThe second method is the knife method and you grip your crochet hook as you would with a knife and crochet like this.

It is entirely up to you which method you use and the only way to find out which one is right method for you is to try them both out.

As for me, I’m a knife method girl.

I leave the pencil method just for when I’m writing. With a pencil, that is!

So get your crochet hook and play around to see what you are comfortable with.


How to Grip/Hold a Crochet Hook Video Tutorial

All the best,

Paula Daniele


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  1. fairyhedgehog says:

    That’s very clear and helpful. Thank you!

    • Paula says:

      Hello fairyhedgehog,

      I’m glad you found this tutorial helpful. Thanks for stopping by!


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