Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

Crochet Hook ConversionThis Crochet Hook Conversion Chart covers crochet hook sizes for the U.S., U.K. and Canada. The metric sizing is generally what I refer to here in Australia and so I have placed AUS/NZ in the metric hook size column.

In each country, crochet hooks can differ in size and that is why there is a need for this crochet hook conversion chart.

Also take note that the size of crochet hooks can vary from different manufacturers so when you come across a crochet hook conversion chart use it only as a guide and not as gospel.

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

US Hook Sizes Canada/UK Hook Sizes AUS/NZ/Metric Hook Sizes
0 14 2.0 mm
B/1 13 2.25 mm
C/2 12 2.75 mm
C/2 11 3.0 mm
D/3 10 3.25 mm
E/4 3.5 mm
F/5 9 3.75 mm
G/6 8 4.0 mm
US7 7 4.5 mm
H/8 6 5.0 mm
I/9 5 5.5 mm
J/10 4 6.0 mm
K/10 ½ 3 6.5 mm
10.75 2 7.0 mm
1 7.5 mm
L/11 0 8.0 mm
M/13 00 9.0 mm
N/15 000 10.0 mm
O/17 12.0 mm
P/19 15.0 mm
Q/19 16.0 mm
S/35 19.0 mm
50 25.0 mm


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