Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern

Crochet Cushion CoverThe great thing about this Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern is that you can make it smaller or larger than what I’ve made here. After completing the pattern, all you do is crochet as many rows onto the border as you need to until it is at the size that you want it.

This is a vintage crochet cushion cover pattern which looks great on my lounge! Another cushion to make the lounge room feel even more homier. If you have an old shaggy cushion that needs spicing up then take its cover off and get it a new one with my vintage style crochet cushion cover pattern.

Stitches & Terms

This pattern is using U.S. stitches. To convert to U.K. stitches refer to my Crochet Stitch Conversion Chart.

ch = chain

dc = double crochet

half shell = 3 double crochet stitches crocheted into one stitch

hdc = half double crochet

hk = hook

rep = repeat

round/s = working around the work instead of back and forth like you do in a Row

sc = single crochet

shell = 5 double crochet stitches crocheted into one stitch

sk = skip

sl st = slip stitch

st/s = stitch/es

Materials Required

1 x pillow insert

2 x 100gm Medium Worsted Weight Yarn or 8 ply wool

5.50mm crochet hook

Yarn Needle

Craft Scissors

Crochet Cushion Cover Measurements

28cm x 28cm (without edging)

Skill Level


Written Instructions

Note: Make 2 so you have a front and back

Ch 41.

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hk, *sk 2 ch, 5 dc in next ch (this makes a shell), sk 2 ch, sc in next ch, rep from * across row ending with 3 dc (this makes a half shell) into last ch, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: sc in 1st dc, *shell in next sc, sc in center dc of next shell, rep from * across row ending with half shell in last sc, ch 1, turn.

Repeat Row 2 (24 more times) so the square measures 28cm x 28cm. Turn work.

Make the Border: You will be working in rounds from here on to make the border.

Handy Tips: Use the tips below to make crocheting this border a lot easier for Round 1. Once you have gotten past Round 1 then it’s smooth sailing.

For the first round as you work along the first row make hdc sts into each st as normal.

As you come down the sides of the work (working into the sides of dc sts and you will be looking at these stitches side on now) if you look closely and gently pull a dc stitch away from the one next to it you will see two parts to the stitch. Crochet one hdc into the top part of the dc and one hdc into the bottom part of the dc. After this you need to crochet one hdc into what looks like a circle. Use this method on the side rows (left and right sides, but not the top and bottom rows.)

Also for the first round there is the crochet turning chain row. You need to hdc into the top loop only of each stitch across.

If you use these handy tips then Round 1 should be easy.

Round 1: ch 2, hdc in 1st dc, hdc into each st around entire work; making 3 hdc into each corner stitch except for the last corner where you will do 1 hdc in last corner, join with sl st into 2nd ch of beg ch.

Repeat Round 1 (5 times) if you want the same size as mine but if you want to go for another size then do as many rounds as you wish to get the desired result.

Fasten off when you finish the first side of the crochet cushion cover.

Don’t fasten off at the end of the second side of the crochet cushion cover as you will need the remaining yarn to crochet the two sides together.

Edging: Place the two sides of the crochet cushion covers together with right sides facing outwards and join up 3 sides by starting with a ch 1, sc in any corner to start the edging, sc around 3 sides, insert cushion and sc into each st across last side.

Fasten off and weave in loose ends.

Throw your new crocheted cushion on the lounge and have a rest!

When you have mastered this pattern, come back and let me know what you liked (or didn’t like!) about it by leaving your comments below.

All the best,

Paula Daniele



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  1. Eunice says:

    Hi Paula, like you I taught myself how to crochet when I was a small girl through my mum who loved crocheting. when I joined secondary school I dropped the whole thing up to this year when a friend of mine who makes beaded jewellerly challenged me and wooh! I remembered I once used to crochet using grass yarns. I have now started it again and I can say you guys are motivating me and I wish I will become prominent like you and share my patterns with you. I love your patterns guys.

    • Paula says:

      Hello Eunice,

      I think it’s fantastic that you have taken crochet back up! Using grass yarn sounds like fun, I haven’t used them before. You will definitely have to show us something in these yarns. I’d love you to share your patterns and I’m glad that I have had something to do with your being motivated. Thanks for stopping by to let me know. Hope to see your patterns soon!

      All the best,

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