Crochet Baby Headband Pattern

Crochet Baby HeadbandI came up with this easy Crochet Baby Headband Pattern to make within 30 minutes today.

I actually used the same technique as you would when starting on a crochet baby bootie. You simply work one row across the foundation chain and then around and across the other side.


Stitches & Terms

This pattern is using US stitches and terms. To convert stitches go to my Crochet Stitch Conversion Chart.

ch = chain

hk = hook

sc = single crochet

sl st = slip stitch

unused loop = the loop that hasn’t been crocheted into on the bottom of a stitch

Materials Required

Small amount of pink and white babyweight yarn (or 4 ply)

3.0mm crochet hook

Yarn Needle

Crochet Measurements to fit head

Newborn (0000) – 35 cm

3 mth old (000) – 40 cm

6 mth old (00) – 45 cm

9 mth old (0) – 48 cm

12 mth old (1) – 50 cm

Skill Level Recommended


Crochet Baby Headband with Flower Video Tutorial

Written Pattern

Make a foundation chain to the length (per the measurements above).

Tip: When working try not to make stitches too tight or the headband will curl up.

Row 1: sc into 2nd ch from hk, sc into each ch across, 2 sc into last ch, work around the other side working an sc into each unused loop, sl st in 1st st.

Finish off; leaving 15cm end tail. Using your yarn needle, sew both ends together of the headband to join to make a circle. Weave in end with yarn needle.

Stretch the headband a little to get the curls out.

Little Flower

ch 3, sl st to form a ring.

Round 1: ch 1, 9 sc into ring, sl st in 1st sc.

Round 2: ch 4, sl st in 2nd sc, *ch 4, sl st in next sc, rep from * until the end, join in last st with a sl st.

Finish off; leaving 15cm end tail.

Using your yarn needle, sew the flower to the headband over where you joined the headband ends. This gives the headband a cleaner finish and hides that join.

You should now have a completed Crochet Baby Headband.

All the best,


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  1. kayla says:

    hi paula,
    i love your baby headband
    i see that you have put up a scale on how long the headbands will be for the different ages but how many chains do you start with. by watching your video i know that a new born is 71 chains but what about the other sizes?

    • Paula says:

      Hi Kayla, find the measurement you need for the size you want to make then keep making chain sts until it measures the right length by placing your foundation chain on a tape measure.

  2. TR says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the simple headband for a very young mother who is just learning to crochet. Do you have a matching bootie pattern for me to make for her baby? I usually knit, but plan to learn to crochet.

  3. Maureen says:

    Hi Paula! Thanks for the great video for crocheting the baby headband with flower! I made one for my new little granddaughter and it turned out very nicely! Now, I am going to crochet the baby booties! Your instructions are easy to follow. Could you possibly write the instructions at a larger font? When I printed the pattern, the font is very small and difficult to read. I tried to copy paste onto a word document so I could print the pattern out at a larger font, but I wasn’t able to copy paste. Thanks!

    • Paula says:

      Hi Maureen, you’re welcome! You can choose a larger font when you click on the Print Friendly button.

  4. Sandra Berg says:


    • Paula says:

      Thanks very much, Sandy! So happy that you find it easy to crochet with my patterns!

  5. Paula says:

    Hi Paula,
    What size hook did you use. I am crocheting this for a 1 month old and for an 9 month old girls. It is so nice to speak to another Paula that loves to crochet too!
    Best Regards,

    • Paula says:

      Hi Paula,

      I used a 3.0mm crochet hook for this headband and yes it is nice to speak to another crocheting Paula! :-)

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